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Tax Controversy

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Efficiently Resolve IRS Disputes

We represent individuals and companies in all types of tax controversies.

A tax controversy with the IRS can be complicated and challenging, and may even require litigation proceedings in federal court. Let our specialized team be your partner and help you find a fast, effective resolution to your tax problems. Contact us today!

Be Confident in a Sound Solution

With our experience on your side, it doesn't matter what type of tax controversy you're facing. We provide trusted advice, and can represent you through every step of the process.

Our assistance includes the following areas: 

Audit Representation

If you have an IRS or state income audit controversy, we can represent you.

Valuation Disputes

If you have a dispute with the value of your property we can find a fair solution.

Tax Court Representation

Use our professional representation during a Tax Court hearing or appeal.

Who This Service is For

Tax controversy is an area of legal practice involving tax disputes between tax collection entities such as the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and taxpayers, sometimes as the result of an audit.

Want to Learn More?

  • We can offer better overall results in less time than the traditional IRS examination process. We can help minimize tax risk in your return by pre-filing resolution tailored to your situation.
  • We can represent you in federal tax disputes before the IRS, including those involving fast track settlements, IRS appeals, mediation and arbitration. Don’t face the IRS alone.
  • Ignoring certain compliance failures or issues can leave you open to lengthy IRS audits, penalties and worse. We can approach the IRS and propose a resolution, which may increase your ability to reach an expedited and favorable conclusion.
  • Where penalties result from late filing or late payments, our tax controversy team can offer sound strategies to obtain penalty abatements and assist you in preventing penalties in the future.
  • Interest assessments are complex and can occur long after the IRS completes its examination and assesses the tax. We can review account activity across years, returns and types of tax to identify and resolve IRS errors.
  • Do you know whether there are errors in your IRS account? Our team can conduct a detailed review to of your company’s IRS accounts, interpret account transcripts and isolate account problems.
  • Mergers and acquisitions can result in entity classification issues where taxpayer identification numbers, fiscal-year ends or common parent identities do not match the IRS’s records. We can assist you in resolving these matters quickly and efficiently.