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Providing the highest-quality estate and legal services in the state of Utah.

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Estate Planning, Trusts, Wills, & Incapacity Issues

Protect your family and possessions for life.

There is no such thing as a routine estate plan at our law firm. Just like no two people are the same neither are their estate plans.

We are experienced attorneys that craft customized estate plans that protect you and your loved ones from real life issues in order to protect your legacy for generations to come.

A will is a legal document explaining what should be done with your money and property after your death.

A trust is a complete will substitute. There are many types of trusts, depending on the kind of trust it can achieve different goals and provide an array of protections.  Our attorneys can help you choose the right path.

Probate, Trust and Estate Administration

Make sure your assets are going to the right people.

Make sure that there are no worries at the end of your life or after your death. From notifying all parties, resolving unforeseen disputes, inventorying assets, and distributing your assets to the rightful beneficiaries, we will eliminate the stress and make the process easy. Our probate and trust administration services include:

  • Identifying heirs by gathering names and contact information.
  • Minimizing after-death taxes to make it easier on family members.
  • Settling trusts and following through on trust instructions.
  • Resolving any will or trust contests.
  • Identifying creditors to ensure that all past debts are paid.
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Elder Law, Medicaid & Veterans Benefits Planning

Helping you live the life you want, while protecting you from the costs of long term care or nursing homes

As you age, you have your own  unique legal needs. We understand the importance of making wise decisions when it comes to managing your finances, planning for mental and/or physical disability,  figuring out long-term care or choosing  the right nursing home.

Our firm works with seniors to help them obtain government benefits, such as, Medicaid or Veteran  benefits to assist with the payment of long term care whether it be at their home or in a nursing home.

Did you know that about half of nursing homes rely on Medicaid benefits?

Let us help you create a plan that helps you when you need it most.

Tax Planning & Controversies

Preserve your wealth and reduce estate taxes.

Our attorneys can help you create a plan to preserve as much of your earnings as possible without serious tax costs.

From business to personal estate, we will provide a written plan to empower you to provide your loved ones with the highest inheritance possible. Our plans reduce risk and comply with state and federal regulations.

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Utah Protecting Assets From Nursing Homes and Long Term Care Planning

Protecting Assets from Nursing Homes and Long-Term Care Planning

Utilize legal strategies to keep your estate and savings intact when applying for nursing home care.

Whether you or a loved one needs assistance due to old age, disability, or other circumstances, we can help you get the perfect plan in place.

If you are applying for Medicaid or VA Aid and Attendance  to cover your long-term care, you need to fully understand the limitations and rules of its coverage. Applying for nursing home or in home care doesn't mean you have to lose your assets - let our team help guide you.

Long-Term Care insurance denials

Helping you collect your insurance benefits when your insurance carrier doesn't want to pay.

Insurance companies want to make as much profit as possible. Unfortunately, the rising cost of health care reduces the profits they obtain from long term care policies.

Is Your Long Term Care Insurance Carrier Denying or Delaying Your Benefits?

Our attorneys are well versed in handling long term care insurance policy denials.

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