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Kids Protection Planning

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Keep Your Family Safe

Avoid Facing Serious Situations by Creating a Will of Protection.

To ensure a solid future for your children, prioritize their needs now. Our specialized team can help create a protection plan for the worst case scenarios. We can help you achieve peace of mind through a plan to provide your children long-term security.

Planning Now to Protect Their Future

Deflect these unfortunate circumstances in the event that something were to happen to you or your spouse. Contact our legal offices today to get started on your protection plan.

Child Protective Services

By naming short-term guardians, you avoid your children being placed in the care of strangers.

Custody Battles

A plan would deflect the possibility of long, drawn-out legal battles with various possible guardians for your children, and simplify their future.

Misdirected Assets

Ensure your assets go directly to your child's care instead of being tied up in legal processing fees.

Who This Service is For

If you do not have legal guardians named for your children and something happens to you, a Judge will decide who raises your kids. Take matters into your own hands. If you are a family with young children, then your estate plan should begin with a foundation to ensure your children would always be taken care of by the people you want, in the way you want, no matter what happens.

What Is Provided by a Protection Plan?

Your Plan Will Include:

  • Instructions and letters for future guardian
  • Legal Documents
  • Medical Powers of Attorney for minors
  • ID cards

Free E-Book

Estate Planning Basics For Families With Young Children

Access the book on Estate Planning Basics For Families With Young Children to learn about what would happen to your kids if the unthinkable happened and ways to best protect them.

Estate Planning Basics For Families With Young Children

Want to Learn More?

Over 60% of Americans have not named guardians for their kids. Here are common mistakes parents and lawyers make when naming guardians:

  • Not indicating what to do if the guardianship couple breaks up, or if one dies.
  • Naming only one possible guardian.
  • Not considering financial resources for your children - guardians should not be financial decision makers for your kids
  • Creating only a will that would distribute money publicly without protection for divorces/lawsuits
  • Forget to exclude someone who may challenge the guardian's decisions considering your children
  • Only naming long-term guardians without immediate short term emergency care after an accident (for until the permanent guardian could arrive).

If you've made these mistakes already, don't worry. Updates and adjustments can easily be made to your plan.

A good protection plan names permanent & temporary guardians, including instructions and directions for the guardian and caregivers. Choose guardians for your children and exclude people who you believe should not serve as guardians. These things need to be considered carefully and made clear in your plan.

As you review your potential list, always consider your children first. They are the future and need your protection whether you provide it personally or through others. Consider

  • The amount of love they will receive from the guardian.
  • Whether the guardian has other children
  • Their ability to treat your children the same as their own children
  • Potential conflicts of interest

Let your choice be known. You need to make the choice for your children’s guardian. If you leave that choice to the court, you might not like the outcome. The court will invite input from your family, but this does not guarantee the result you want. They are your children. You need to make sure your input is included in selecting the guardian.