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VA Benefits Planning

Utah VA Benefits Planning

We Care For Our Veterans

Let's get you eligible for Veterans Pension or Aid and Attendance Benefits.

You may be eligible for VA Benefits depending on active military service, discharge circumstances, and length of military service.

We are your advocates and want you to have the best opportunities available to you. Our attorneys will help you as much as we can to be eligible for benefits and will guide you through the process.

Some Tips to Qualify

Not sure if you would qualify for Veteran Benefits? Here are some specifications of eligibility.

Active Duty

The first step to qualifying is to have active military service or be a direct dependent or survivor of a veteran.

Type of Discharge

When applying for Veteran Benefits, it is important that you have an honorable discharge history to qualify.

Length of Service

Only veterans who have served in times of war are eligible for Veteran Benefits. Serving in a combat zone is not required.

Who This Service is For

Veterans Pension Planning (Aid & Attendance) provides a monthly cash benefit to wartime veterans or the surviving spouse of a wartime veteran who meets the financial and medical criteria. Let us help you find out what benefits are available to you.

Want to Learn More?

The Department of Veterans Affairs offers aging veterans who served our country during a period of war a pension to help with the costs of care. And, unlike Medicaid, the VA does not require that the veterans who claim this benefit spend all of their savings beyond becoming eligible.

This cash benefit can be particularly beneficial when it comes to paying for assisted living or other long term care costs. The pension could be worth up to $2000 per month for a veteran or up to $1100 per month for a single surviving spouse. The Pension is one of the few VA benefits that is also available to the surviving spouses of wartime veterans, making the pool of potential eligibility beneficiaries particularly large. Yet, surprisingly, many are not aware of their VA pension benefit or how to access it.

We provide veterans or their surviving spouses with assistance and understanding about their entitled benefits. From planning and preparation of the application materials to representation and appeal if necessary, we will help you every step of the way to help you receive more compensation in less time with fewer hassles.

VA disability and pension claims are complicated. But outside of this, we can also help you with:

  • Help you organize paperwork and evidence to file a claim sooner and receive more compensation.
  • Filing on your own sometimes takes 8-10 months, and will errors or issues it can be even longer. We can prevent all obstacles to ensure the process be taken care of as smoothly and quickly as possible. We could have your claim rapping up within six months.
  • Getting the process through quicker also closes the window of opportunity for further changes to develop to over-complicate and lengthen the process.
  • We will ensure you receive the maximum benefits for your situation
  • Facilitate the process to obtain supporting evidence and records for your claim by spotting potential conflicting information and circumventing them.