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Asset Protection Planning


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Keep your property safe from outside creditors.

Our experts have been in the industry long enough to know that there are risks involved with owning property and assets.

We are here to protect you from potential damage from divorce, creditors, judgments, and lawsuits.

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We are not in it for the money, we sincerely care about the future of you and your family. We respect everything that you have worked for throughout your life and we are here to protect that.

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Who This Service is For

Do you have substantial assets? People may suddenly come into wealth through inheritance, a lawsuit, stock options sale, business sale, or sports/entertainment contracts. Consider taking steps to protect your wealth against lawsuits from others.

Weigh the two main factors: the value your assets and your risk. The value of the assets consist of what they are worth minus what you owe. Consider how much your asset is protected by a 401(k) retirement plan or homestead exemption on your primary residence. Consider asset protection planning to lessen the risk on your assets.

Planning asset protection isn’t important just for millionaires, it’s important for anyone that has worked hard to have what they have accumulated.

Want to Learn More?

Some steps to take to protect your assets will include making sure your personal umbrella liability coverage is for an amount at least equal to your new net-worth.

Consider whether to keep your assets separate or joint. If you don’t want your spouse to have ownership of your windfall, talk to an attorney and keep the assets in a separate account. Any money you deposit into a joint account with your children, elderly parents, roommate, or business partner is at risk. If the joint owner files for divorce, incurs a tax lien, or lawsuit judgment, the entire account could be wiped out.

Asset Protection Trusts are a powerful tool to protect money from lawsuits. Local courts do not have jurisdiction over foreign trustees, so most of these Trusts are handled offshore. The offshore trust is one of the few asset protection strategies that work after a lawsuit is filed.

Sudden wealth can be life-changing to improve your life and the lives of those around you, but only if you keep it. Those with more assets are bigger targets for lawsuits. Don’t let your sudden wealth suddenly get stripped from you. Protect your assets and sleep easier knowing you are better protected.