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Elder Law, Medicaid, & Veterans Benefits Planning


Know What You Are Entitled To

When it comes to nursing home costs, Medicaid, or Veteran's benefits, you need to ensure you know the facts in order to get the best support possible. Medicaid is a program between the state & federal government that provides health insurance & even nursing home coverage.

Utah Elder Law

Elder Law

Elder Law planning can help elderly persons prepare for financial freedom by helping them with their financial planning & long-term care.

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Utah Medicaid Planning

Medicaid Planning

Learn more about what is required from the state of Utah if you are applying for Medicaid long-term care services. 

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VA Benefits Planning

If you meet financial & medical criteria, as a Veteran or Veteran's spouse you could be entitled to a monthly cash benefit. 

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Utah Long Term Care Planning

Life Care Planning

The goal of life care planning is to meet the challenges caused by illness or disability and provide a high-quality of life of elders.

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Senior couple at notary public office

Asset Protection Planning

Keep your money and property safe from creditors or others who may try to take advantage of you via the legal system.

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Utah Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse

Elder abuse includes physical, emotional, and even financial abuse. Learn to identify the signs and take action. 

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Protecting Assets from Nursing Homes

Nursing home care can often require you to apply for Medicaid, which has a strict income & asset limit. Learn how to protect your assets while still qualifying for long-term care. 

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Wills, Trusts, & Powers of Attorney

These important documents and powers can allow you to create legal documents that allow your loved ones to make decisions on your behalf. 

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