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Craig Dell Attorneys focuses its practice on estate planning, elder law, protecting assets from nursing homes, probate, and trust administration in Utah. Choosing the right course of conduct in achieving your goals can be very difficult. At Craig Dell Attorneys, we like to take the guessing out of decision making. We provide our clients with the proper resources and guidance to make informed decisions in accordance with their objectives. We work hard to understand our clients’ concerns and listen as they describe their objectives and goals. Our clients appreciate our agility and know-how in forming unique approaches when standard approaches do not work. If you have any friends or family that you feel may benefit from our services, we are happy to assist them with a complimentary consultation or an invitation to one of our upcoming workshops.

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"Working with Craig Dell has been a pleasure and he has handled my case with great respect and I felt I was well-informed the entire time! I have been pleased with your firm’s procedures and would recommend you to anyone in need. I believe Craig is a great representative for anyone he accepts as a client. He fights as if your case were his own."

Kellie B.

Cedar Town, Georgia

"I had a great experience working with Dell Law. They are very professional and were able to not only meet but exceed my expectations. I am very pleased with the settlement. They did a fantastic job on my case. I would highly recommend them. Thank you for all your hard work."

Izabela H.

"Craig Dell was professional and got the job done. Overall I was very satisfied with the job done. I will definitely be recommending Craig and his firm to friends in need of an attorney. Thank you for your help and best of luck to you in the future."

Isabell L.

Broward County, Florida

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